Pine and Orange Christmas Wreath Kit

Wreath Kit

Pine and Orange Christmas Wreath Kit


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Step 1

Using wraps of the wire to fix everything in place, fold pieces of moss around your frame to create a base layer.

Step 2

Interweave the blue pine, eucalyptus pods and twisted thyme using the same technique until the frame is covered. Layer your foliage so that you create a beautiful shape and depth.

Remember: You have the creative freedom to layer the pieces as you like, to create your own unique wreath!

Step 3

As you come full circle, loop your wire underneath the frame, threading it around the moss until it is secure.

Step 4

Using the stud wire (the smaller pieces!), wrap the pinecones, limes and lime slices to create lollypop-shapes. Here, you can add any extras you like.

We recommend some holly or dried fruit, maybe some more herbs or even cinnamon.

Step 5

Once you have decided on your embellishments, group them or place them individually on the wreath, using the stud wire to stick into the desired space and fix in place by wrapping around the mossy base.

Step 6

When you have finished adding everything you like, affix a ribbon, a piece of wire or some twine to the back of your wreath, making sure to loop this through the metal ring beneath. You’re ready to display!